Bella hadid the superhero- Bella hadid stripped from a sexy maid costume into a wonder woman lingerie

The star showed off her toned figure in a series of tiny outfits as she played magician for LOVE magazine’s advent calendarSharesCommentsCommentsVideo loadingBella Hadid is the star of 2015’s LOVE magazine adventcalendar, as she makes a second appearance – this timeon her own for Day 15.The star proves to be a naturalmagician as she models tiny lingerie, transforming before our eyes into Wonder Woman before flying away.That weird and wonderful festive calendar has gone up alevel with this clip.Bella is seen sat back filing hernails on the sofa, before hearing something and suddenly jumping up at the start of the 15th video.Doug InglishBella Hadid sends fans into meltdownShe explodes in a puff of purple before emerging in a bright yellow and black outfit – as if turning back time.Clearly not keen with the result, she transforms again toreveal tiny black and white lingerie and suspenders as she twirls on the spot, showing off her toned figure.Sticking with the skimpy lingerie, her next swap sees the star in nude underwear and a matching shawl with fullbunny ears – with Bella appearing confused by the sudden change.Doug InglishThe star risked all in the tiny outfitBut with the biggest explosion of all, the brunette beauty finally becomes Wonder Woman in a corset and knickers, complete with a red cape.Following Love mag’s bizarre chain of themes, she’s soon sat on a chair flying midair as she pouts and waves goodbye.



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